San Francisco Entomophagists. Recipes, nutrition information, FAQs, and pictures.

Various articles and links to using insects as food.

Offers a variety of recipes and links to satisfy anyone’s bug-filled food craving.

Culinary demonstrations, classes, events, links and recipes.

Magazine article and annotated links on history and current practice.

How-to articles about harvesting and preparing insects.

As seen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Recipes, nutrition information, where to buy insects, and the Insect Horror Film Festival.

Information on the current importance and the future potential of insects as a global food resource.

Article from Hoods Woods Survival Training Center.

David G. Gordon shows 33 ways to cook grasshoppers, ants, water bugs, spiders, centipedes, and their kin. Buy, look through reviews, or read about the author.