Simple recipes, mainly for the George Foreman Grill. Plus health tips, nutrition information, aspartame poisoning facts, and exotic food information.

Techniques and recipes of barbecue, smoking, making sausage, jerky, and bacon, competition cooking, South African cooking, and roasting large animals.

Get your own French Chef Instructor with pre-recorded online cooking classes, to guide you step-by-step.

A community for people passionate about food and cooking. Share experiences and learn recipes, and cooking techniques. Includes feature stories and opinions.

Simple and easy to prepare everyday, diet, and holiday recipes in a searchable database.

Offers tips for beginners, recipes and menus for home entertaining. Includes information on the preparation of appetizers, bread and more.

Offers a variety of recipes, cooking tips, food dictionary, recipe of the day, and romantic dinner menus.

Chinese, Thai, British, Italian, Indian, and Mexican recipes, with the emphasis on Indian. Sorted by country or food type.

Picnic, tailgating and backyard recipes.

Menus and recipes.